Mortgage Rate, Bicycles & Kansas City Royals

Did you notice mortgage rates dropped again? Just further proof of what I’ve been saying. If you have good credit and some cash to invest in real estate, now is the time. The market conditions are really stacking up in your favor.

Customer service is becoming a lost art. When you receive good customer service it stands out so brightly that you cannot possibly miss it.
Has anyone noticed that the Kansas City Royals are sitting at 60 wins with only 27 games to go? That may not sound like much to you. But to me and other Royals “fans” that means their magic number is 3. Not 3 to win the pennant. 3 to make sure we don’t have a third 100 loss season in four years. Not too shabby. (My how expectations have fallen.)
I may or may not post again before Tuesday. I’m not planning on doing too much today or tomorrow. So let me wish you here a happy and relaxing Labor Day holiday. Enjoy your time with your family. Now I’m off to church.

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