Tenant Screening Service & Post On Lease Options

Lisa Wells of Landlord2Landlord has authored a very nice piece about lease option purchases and how they may be of benefit to today’s sellers. In this tougher buyer’s market sellers are going to have to explore other opportunities if they absolutely have to sell.
Opportunities like:
  • Pricing the house right the first time.
  • Chasing the market down.
  • Getting top dollar by lease-optioning.
  • Renting.

These are not all the options a seller has at their disposal. But if you go the rent route, or the lease option purchase route you are going to want to know you are getting a quality tenant or potential buyer.

I recommend always using a tenant screening service to cover your backside. Whether you are a property manager or a owner of income property. It always pays to do your due diligence.

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