News Of The Weird

So I’m out pre-viewing properties yesterday afternoon in the Waldo neighborhood of Kansas City. A property I was most particularly interested in was a 2 bedroom, 1 bath and 1 car detached garage being offered at just under $60,000. That’s way under market and I wanted to know why.

When I get there the owners are home and are gracious and show me around. While it’s not much to some people’s standards they seemed very proud of their home. Nice, quiet folks. I mean them absolutely no disrespect.

After viewing the inside of the home I said I’d like to walk around the outside. The husband volunteers to unlock the garage for me. While waiting for him to unlock the garage I notice the open crawl space door with what looks like tons of trash in it.
Now for those of you unfamiliar with a crawl space, it’s not a basement but rather about a 3 foot high foundation (in this home’s case, anyway) around the outside of the home that supports the floor joists and allows room for the home’s mechanicals. Usually bare dirt or gravel are there under the home.
I wanted to take a closer look to see how much trash would have to be cleaned out. So I stick my head in AND THIS HIPPIE DUDE ASKS ME WHAT I WANT!

It made my heart stop! I’ve walked the streets of SE DC as an investigator/photographer and I’ve been in many situations. But I was prepared for those. I was not prepared for some dude LIVING IN THE CRAWL SPACE OF THE HOUSE.

Now, if that’s not crazy enough I go back over to the gentleman at the garage and he doesn’t say a word. Like it’s normal. Proceeds to show me the garage and it’s improvements. NEVER EVEN MENTIONS THE GUY! But I know that he knows him because dude’s backpack (your typical hippie gone-for-a-month issue backpack) is in the secured garage.

Crazy. I’ve seen live chickens living in houses. Dog feces everywhere and even open drug use while looking at a house. But living in a crawl space? First time, baby. First time.


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4 responses to “News Of The Weird

  1. Jeff Brown

    Dude – Have I got some stories for you. πŸ™‚

  2. Mariana

    Was it just the DUDE, or was it a few of his crops as well??

  3. Dustin Jacobsen

    you mean you havn’t seen this before?

    I’ve got a 4 BR, 2 BA, 2 person crawlspace rental for you to check out.

  4. Chris Lengquist

    Mariana – I didn’t want to mention that because of libel laws… πŸ™‚

    Dustin – While nothing that happens in Waldo surprises me this shocked me because I just wasn’t expecting to see that dude from Easy Rider in there.

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