Missing From Kansas City: Me & My Blog

Hey! Where was my blog? A google screen kept coming up saying “server error” for the last couple hours. My blogging time! I would complain strenuously but I don’t pay anything for this blog site. But I can still whine about it, right?

Sorry for the inconvenience.
As some of you know I went down to Austin, Texas for a few days to the Keller Williams Realty MegaCamp that they put on for producing agents. It was well worth the trip just to meet with Lani of r.e.revealed and BR of Realtor Genius.
Both are outstanding people. You can read more about social networking and the power of blogging here if you desire. But I must warn you. It has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with Kansas City or real estate investing.
Speaking of real estate investing. I’m more charged up that ever. As I stare at the mortgage industry problems, the ARMs coming of age problems and the prices stagnating or having modest growth here in Kansas City. I just get excited about the possibilities. No, I’m not a positive speaker or thinker.
But folks, if you have good credit and any kind of money to invest you should really, seriously and most definitely be thinking about moving some capital into real estate investments. At least here in the Kansas City market. I’ll talk more about that later.
Thanks for visiting!

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