My Friend Geno In Chicago Talks Catholic

For those of you that have never been introduced to Geno Petro up in Chicago…you have really missed something.

No, he has nothing to do with real estate investing. But of all the real estate bloggers out there his writing is up there at the top.

His post Ol’ St. Joe Is Good To Go is one of the best reads I’ve had lately. Well written with a point in there somewhere. Actually, many points. Geno, thanks for the laugh.


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3 responses to “My Friend Geno In Chicago Talks Catholic

  1. Geno Petro

    Chris…Thanks for the mention—I caught a little heat (apparently, from better Catholics than me)on this one. People were actually commenting to my e-mail address so my scolding could remain private. Anyway, I liked your piece about Countrywide…George Brett etc. But but about big Hank Stram,(may he R.I.P)? Any man that wears a suit and a toupee to coach a professional football game gets my vote, for sure.

  2. Louisville real estate

    Very interesting read! Ya know, he looks kinda like the judge from TOP CHEF on Bravo. His name is Tom Collichi (spelling?), but he really looks like him. Go to if you don’t believe me! 🙂

  3. Chris Lengquist

    Geno – I’m not suprised you’ve heard by email. You walked ground that some consider sacred.

    Hank Stram? It’s been a while since I thought about that matriculating son of a gun.

    Louisville – For all I know it’s the same guy. Have you ever seen them together?

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