Further Proof Of Kansas City Real Estate Bubble Bursting!!! A Must Read!

See, I can tell who watches the national news and/or cable news networks. They are constantly asking me about the real estate bubble bursting and how bad is the market?

Here I have actual proof of the Great Kansas City Housing Bubble Burst of 2007. From today’s Kansas City Star they report that sales are down on data reported for April – June compared with last year…

Check out these numbers if you want further proof!!!!

  • Florida – down 41.3%
  • Nevada – down 37.5%
  • Arizona – down 23.4%
  • Maryland – down 21.1%
  • California – down 19.8%
  • Kansas City area – down 0.7%

I don’t know about you but I was staggered by our numbers. I’ve been wrong. We are in a huge crisis here in the Kansas City area. Sell. Sell NOW! Slash prices by 15%-20%. But just get out! Live on the streets if you have to. But don’t take that chance.

What? We still have very modest appreciation? Darn. I was hoping for more headlines!

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One response to “Further Proof Of Kansas City Real Estate Bubble Bursting!!! A Must Read!

  1. Tim

    Good real estate info. Thanks for the read!

    As far as the real estate bubble goes, it looks worse in San Diego.
    I came across a San Diego real estate broker’s blog post that is to be the only one I’ve seen that does not spout the ‘industry line: “It’s always a good time to buy real estate.” This broker calls it like it is. No it’s not PC, but it is amazingly informative and insightful.
    Bob Schwartz, the San Diego real estate broker who publishes the blog, wrote a great article back in 2005 that predicted today’s huge home deprecation. You can read this article at: San Diego real estate the url is:

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