Kansas City Royals: This Time Hire Frank White!

Now that Buddy Bell has decided to move on it’s time to thank him for being the sacrificial manager during times when he was given little talent to work with. But I smell a worm turning.

The infusion of young raw talent has allowed the Royals to give glimmers of hope. Dayton Moore is starting to assemble these guys with an eye towards future success. He’s returning to the old Royals philosophy of team speed, pitching and defense.

Who should the next manager be? Easy. Frank White. And no I don’t think this because he was a Hall of Fame caliber player.

Frank has paid his dues in Wichita. He managed and coached many of the younger guys now on the Royals’ roster or waiting in Omaha. He’s learned the game from a different perspective and has earned the right for serious consideration.

And the Royals owe it to the fans. We put up with a lot and get national ribbing when we only turn out 15,000 for a game. But hey, no playoff appearances since the ’85 World Series will do that to you. Especially when capped by 3 out of the last 4 seasons ending with 100+ losses.

For whatever reason White has been snubbed by the Royals administration in the past. Give him a chance. I really don’t want another recycled “baseball man” leading these boys. Give us a guy with heart. A guy that has humbled himself in the bus leagues. A guy with two World Series rings and multiple Gold Gloves. A guy that KNOWS how to win.


While I’m on my Royals rant, did you see the two run, second deck blast by Alex Gordon in the 10th last night? I was telling my buddy over a cold beverage last night that he reminds me of a past Royal.

Weight on the back leg. Bat held high over the back shoulder. Hand coming off the bat early in the swing. Willing to go wherever the pitch takes him.

Alex got off to a rough start. Probably moved to the Bigs too quickly. But we need the help, badly. And playing third base the comparisons are going to be there. Keep developing kid. Keep developing.

And Dayton, sign him before he’s fully developed so we can keep him instead of seeing yet another Royals product in the playoffs with Boston or New York or LA (Anaheim, California…whatever they call themselves this week).
Okay, now I have to get back to my real estate business.


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2 responses to “Kansas City Royals: This Time Hire Frank White!

  1. Jeff Brown

    Man, if Gordon reminds you of #5, you guys are about to be in the tall cotton.

  2. Chris Lengquist

    There are similarities. Could it be because “ole #5” works personally with him? Probably.

    I was in the stands when Brett was a rookie. We’d all bring our gloves on the first base side because we had just as good a chance to catch it as the first baseman!

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