Why You Need A Real Estate Investing Specialist In Kansas City

My wife has Graves Disease. That’s Hypothyroidism. Basically, her thyroid will kill her if not monitored. It’s changed her personality and given her a whole host of symptoms to deal with.

What does this have to do with your choice of REALTOR when you are involved in real estate investing? It really doesn’t. But it does provide another great teaching point.


A couple month’s back my wife was really out of sorts and out of character. Her doctor didn’t know what was going on and so I sent her to mine. To my doctor’s credit she picked up right away that this was probably Graves Disease. She prescribed the right medicine and recommended a specialist.

We saw that specialist today. He really made us feel comfortable. And as I sat there listening to him speak I was prepared for everything. Marie and I had spent hours on the internet learning about Graves Disease. The good, the bad and the ugly.

What he said was NO SURPRISE to me at all. I had already read about it. Heck, I even knew before he said it what medicines he was going to prescribe and what the treatment plan would look like.

Then he said it. My doctor had prescribed the right medicine, but he was upping the dose 600%. I said six hundred percent!

Now, let’s understand each other. I’m not mad at my doctor. She is a general practitioner who immediately recognized that what the problem was and immediately ran tests. As soon as her suspicions were confirmed she sent us to a specialist. That’s her job. And she did it well.

Again, Chris, what does this have to do with real estate investing? Everything.

I’m not against you thinking you know as much as a real estate professional when it comes to buying or selling a home. I realize you’ve done it once or twice or six times. (Sometimes I have six closings in a month.) And I know you’ve read four books on owning and managing income property.

I’m also fully aware that you belong to two real estate investing clubs, have an uncle that owns two rental homes and attended a short sales seminar that was put on for only $395.

But damn it, when my wife’s health and well being is at stake I’m going to the specialist. He did not say one thing I didn’t research on the internet. Well, check that. If I had read on the internet and then prescribed my wife medicine I probably wouldn’t have gotten the dosage right. And maybe I would have missed a symptom or two and had the wrong disease altogether.

What does he charge? Who cares? Can I find someone to do it cheaper? Who cares? Am I going to argue with him about everything?

Now, about your finances. Do you want to wing it from something you researched on the internet? Or do you think in the long run, at the very least, that you would be better off working with someone who specializes in the real estate field with a double major concerning real estate investments?

If you are outside of Kansas City just count this as the rantings of an evil REALTOR only bent on making a commission. But I beg you, if you are in Kansas City and interested in real estate investing, please seek my help. Don’t gamble your future. I will cost you some money. Money well spent.


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7 responses to “Why You Need A Real Estate Investing Specialist In Kansas City

  1. Athol Kay

    Actually your doctor did the right thing. You can’t generally abruptly start or stop thyroid medications. Likely your doctor knew the specialist would give a higher doseage and just started the process.

    Medicine is so complex these days that everything thats anything just gets farmed out to specialists anyway.

    I hope your wife is doing better.

  2. Chris Lengquist

    Athol – a sincere thank you. I’m very grateful to my doctor. Whether she knew or not she recognized what it was and rather than wing it did the right thing.

    Is that because of a standard of practice or a fear of being sued? I really don’t care. It’s the right thing to do.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s highly unlikely your wife needs to go up 600% on her medicines. (Tapazole or PTU). I also have Graves and never took more than 10mg Tapazole per day. think your wife would learn a lot by going to Graves_support on Yahoo groups. You’ll learn that sometimes regular GP’s are better than Endos when it comes to autoimmune diseases. And it sounds to me like yours was.
    Endo’s know a lot about hormones, and very little about antibodies.
    Best to you!

  4. Jeff Brown

    Chris – as a friend my heart, and my prayers are with you.

    As a fellow pro, it’s my opinion this post may seriously be your best, most elegant effort of the year.


  5. Chris Lengquist

    BK – Thank you. We’ve been on the web non-stop. And for those unaware of Graves, it’s only life threatening if you ignore it or don’t figure out what is going on. Otherwise, it’s just a huge pain in the butt that alters everything about you including physical health and, in Marie’s case, personality.

    We’ve been in a thousand websites looking around. Since you know, the first doc prescribed 20 mg and the new doc is prescribing 120 mg. He comes highly recommended by a friend that also has gone through the process. So we’re going to trust that…and continue to educate ourselves. Thank you for the tip.

    Jeff – Thank you, sincerely.

  6. Jennifer

    Jeff- You and your wife are in my prayers. It’s always tough to be ill but at least when you are working with someone you trust, it can make a big difference in helping to take back some control. I also liked the analogy. In major life decisions, a specialist is worth the money in the long run. This was a great post. Thanks.

  7. Chris Lengquist

    Thank you.

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