Rested, Relaxed & Back To Work With Kansas City Real Estate

Thank you to all my loyal readers and clients who allowed me a few days away! I was beginning to feel a little like Clark Griswold when he got to Wally World.

My fuse had grown short and I was beginning to dread phone calls, emails and blogs. You know, burn out. It’s not just limited to the real estate profession. It can happen to anyone. Especially this Type A personality who doesn’t know when to turn off his phone and leave the computer alone.

My brother-in-law was retiring from the United States Navy after 20 years of service. In today’s times I figured that was quite an accomplishment. So we loaded up the van and left for four days down to Ft. Worth, Texas to their local Naval Air Station.

Congratulations, Gary. Job well done.

While we were there we had quite a bit of fun, too. My wife and other brother and sister in law went out to Ft. Worth’s Stock Yards for a little nightlife. And while I enjoyed myself there my wife knew I was out of place. Cows are good for eating and cowboys are great in movies, but…

We wandered around after a couple beers there in the Stock Yards and someone told me to go down to the downtown district. What we found there was more to my liking. It’s what Marie and I figure the Kansas City Power & Light District will be like when it’s up and running.


One of the reasons I work so hard is pictured to the left. Nearly 10 years old and full of mischief and happiness. The whole family, extended and all, got to go to this real nice little water park. A good time was had by all! And I got more than a little sunburned!

It was fun not answering the phone and pretending to be a kid. Racing my wife down the water slides reminded me of another time.

Work hard…and never forget why.


The best part about the trip was learning that my business doesn’t always need me there. My clients understood the need to get away for a few days. And Brent Sharp, a quality associate of mine, stepped into the gap and took care of a couple of issues for me while I was away. I liked learning that I’m not nearly as indispensable as I think I am. (That Type A thing, again.)


For those of you that have never seen the power and awesomeness of a Kansas thunderstorm, here’s what the leading edge can look like. Keep in mind that this was nothing to worry about. Why, because the sky wasn’t green and “bubbly.” Any true Kansan and Oklahoman will tell you there is nothing to worry about, generally, until the sky turns green. Then, look out.

Anyway, thanks for the few days off. Now I’m ready to get back to work for you and your Kansas City real estate needs.

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One response to “Rested, Relaxed & Back To Work With Kansas City Real Estate

  1. Fran White, Realtor

    Welcome Back my friend. Glad you had a great trip! Good for you!

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