Real Estate Is A Funny Thing…

Real estate sales is an inexact science, at best. Take the house pictured at right. We started it off as a two bedroom. After a few months of barely any buyer views we converted the home back to a three bedroom, though one bedroom was pretty small.

Again, barely any buyer views. Then one day 10-12 days back I had 4 different agents show it in a 24 hour period and we accepted an offer.

Before that offer, over the course of 6 months I probably had 2 sign calls inquiring about the house. Since we’ve accepted the offer I’ve probably had about 10 calls inquiring about this Kansas City, Kansas home for sale.

I can’t explain it. I really can’t. I market all my homes for sale very aggressively and use nearly the same formula for all of them. Some sell quicker than others. And some generate more interest than others. But that’s twice this year, so far, that as soon as I get a house under contract I get quite a bit of interest.

I may never figure this business out in that regard.

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