A Smart Investment? Is The TV Worth $3.7M?

Loyal readers know how I love numbers. Numbers are concrete. They add up. They are infallible…so long as you plug in the right numbers.

Real estate investors tend to love numbers, too. But this link below is worth reading for everyone. Not just people concerned about their real estate future. But everyone concerned about their financial future.

How to Earn $1 Million by Not Watching TV


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3 responses to “A Smart Investment? Is The TV Worth $3.7M?

  1. Jeff Brown

    No Jayhawk games – no Royals games. No March Madness, much less Final Four. No Super Bowl. No World Series. No World Cup. (Bet THAT one hurt.) πŸ™‚

    Ready for your $1Million?

  2. Ashley Drake Gephart

    Chris thanks for the link what a great article. I have always been against TV. I’m not saying completely but the number of mind numbing hours some people watch are just staggering.

  3. Chris Lengquist

    First – some things you do in life because you want to. They aren’t smart. But you do them. Like having kids. πŸ™‚

    Second – no way I could watch my beloved Jayhawks on a small screen tv…or go to every game. But every game is televised!

    I think the point the article makes though, is sound. TV has a trade off. It’s basic life economics. Every action has a reaction. That sort of crap…

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