Kansas City’s New Sprint Center

This morning at the weekly Kansas City Breakfast Club meeting we had a guest speaker by the name of David Pulford. David is the Director of Operations for Kansas City’s new Sprint Center, the key component to the new Power & Light District.

Being both informative and fun, here were a few of the nuggets David shared with us…

  • There are 2,204 windows (that’s a lot of cleaning!).
  • There are 11,000 parking places in close proximity to the Sprint Center, or so he says…
  • The Sprint Center opens October 13, 2007.
  • There are 36 events planned between October 13th and December 31, 2007.
  • The Sprint Center will be open for public tours from October 10-12th.
  • Man hours to build the Center are approaching 1,000,000.
  • For basketball, the Sprint Center will seat about 18,000.

Now, because David is sworn to secrecy upon penalty of death he could not share with us all the events that are currently scheduled. He did say that information should be made public in the next week or two. David also brought up that Disney’s High School Musical would be coming as an ice production. (Sounds like a nightmare to me…though my 9 year old would love it.)

Regarding a permanent tenant David promised we would have both the NBA and NHL locked in by January.

Okay, the previous sentence is patently false. I just wanted to upset David. Although I’m sure he is working hard to do his part to make it happen.

On a personal note, and as a college basketball junkie, I am happy the Sprint Center is coming. The more Big XII basketball we can get here the better my life will be. Oh, and “Rock Chalk.”

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  1. Dave Wilson

    Yo Chris. Enjoyed your craft talk at B Club this week. Please add my name to the registration. Dave Wilson, InQuest Marketing.

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