Free Concerts In Olathe, Kansas – A Great Evening For The Whole Family

One of the things about being a busy real estate agent based out of Olathe, Kansas is the crazy hours. There are a lot of times when I want to do something fun with the family but need to provide service to my clients instead.

But not last night. At 7:00 pm the Olathe Concert Series brought to our city Mark Selby along with opening act Fast Johnny Ricker. (Fast Johnny pictured right.) So Marie and I packed up the four kids +1 and headed over to Olathe’s Frontier Park. Now, I’ve written about the Olathe Concert Series before. And we’ve had fun there.

But last night was another level.

Before yesterday I had no idea who either of these guys were. I had heard of John Ricker. But never heard anything by him. I had never heard of Mark Selby. But as it turns out, these two dudes rock and can bend some strings and sing. For fun, you should check out their websites and listen to a few tunes.

So consider this post a plug to get out and listen to live music here in Olathe, Kansas. Jeez. They bring it to our front door. Cover bands. Singer/songwriters. Established bands. New bands. The works. It’s a good time and it’s FREE.

Two of my kids had fun.

Pictured is the actual shirt I bought along with the Mark Selby cd titled “and the horse he rode in on”.

Now, the license plate shirt is the one I bought. Though I should have gotten the Big Joe Turner shirt, as well. There is another great blues guy. And you KNOW he’s from Kansas City.

So citizens of Olathe and Kansas City, get out and have a good time. Now I’m fully aware that a man cannot live only on real estate, blues and bbq…but I’m doing the best I can.

Pictured left is Mark Selby.

Some of his song writing credits include;

Blue on Black made a hit by Kenny Wayne Shepherd
There’s Your Trouble made a hit by The Dixie Chicks

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