Preparing Your Home For Sale In Olathe, Kansas

I have two schools of thought when it comes to preparing your home for sale here in Olathe, Kansas.

1. Price it for it’s current condition.
2. Take it up to tip-top shape.

I’m always amazed at the Sellers who want to get top dollar in a short amount of time for homes that are not in tip-top shape. Yes, I know the house down the street sold for $245,000 in 28 days. But did you see it?

It was gorgeous. New paint inside and out. Newer carpet that was super clean. Updated lighting fixtures, landscaped exterior and a roof with 20 years of life left.

And here you sit with a furnace that needs weekly service, dings in the walls and about 7 areas of wood rot on the outside and you want the same price? Well, then get the home up to the standard of that home condition wise and the price should follow.

Try and short cut this at your own risk. With the swollen inventory of homes out there Buyers will go in about 8-10 the same day they see yours. How does yours stack up? If it doesn’t stack up in condition it better have a price that “wow’s” them.

A little tip to help you get your Home For Sale sign changed to a Sold sign. Just my $0.02 for the day.

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