Kansas City, Missouri Rental Licensing

I received this email from KCRAR. That’s Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS. I am in full agreement that we do not want, nor do we need rental licensing in Kansas City, MO for investment property owners and/or their rental properties.

Now, I’m not for slum lords, either. So as you read this be sure to understand that most of my clients keep clean and relatively updated units in operation and available to their tenants. There are already measures that could be put in force to make sure tenant living quarters are safe and clean. Use those.

And before KCMO decides to go after the landlords, why don’t they first go after themselves. I’ve never seen a more disorganized and incompetent housing authority in all my life as the experiences I’ve had with the Kansas City Housing Authority. I guess they want landlords to do what they cannot. Hmmmmm.

The Kansas City, Missouri City Council is considering a proposal to create a rental licensing program for landlords in KCMO, including registration fees, inspection requirements, and other costly and cumbersome regulations. KCRAR opposes such programs, as we believe they unfairly target investment property owners, do very little to address the problem of blight in neighborhoods, discourage investment in rental properties, and increase the cost of housing to lower income tenants who are most at risk of losing their shelter.

Please help us fight this proposal by contacting members of the Kansas City MO Public Safety and Neighborhood Committee and adding your voice to our opposition.

Thank you.

Send a letter to the following decision maker(s):

Council Member Cathy Jolly
Council Member Cindy Circo
Council Member John Sharp
Council Member Melba Curls
Council Member Sharon Sanders Brooks


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2 responses to “Kansas City, Missouri Rental Licensing

  1. James Brauer

    I suppose it’s the Libertarian in me, but I grow increasingly ill seeing how government wants to control every aspect of our personal lives.

    While it would be a potential safe-guard to protect tenants from “slum-lords” and landlords who do not take time to maintain upkeep to their properties, this is just a cash-cow for KCMO.

    Let’s be real here, it’s another tax imposed on people that will help generate funds for the city.

    Licensing, inspections, paperwork? Ugh, means a higher payroll for KCMO too.

    While I’m not trained in this area to have expertise, I am against this idea for sure.

  2. Chris Lengquist

    The city already has the right to inspect and impose fine on homes with tenant complaints. Make tenants more aware of the laws and then ENFORCE them instead of coming up with more taxes.

    Maybe the new mayor will perform miracles with the KC housing structure. But there is plenty to do within the current framework FIRST.

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