News You Can Use

Midwest Airlines is being taken over by Air-Tran. As a Kansas Citian, this isn’t good news. Midwest has been a good civic partner for Kansas City. Air-Tran? Can you say Southwest Airlines without any of the status?


The foreclosure market is at historic levels, on the high side. And look which states are causing the problem. We have quite a few here, but we are in much better shape in the Greater Kansas City area.


Hey St. Louis, I thought your baseball team was supposed to be better than ours. Kind of reminds me of 1985. 🙂

Congratulations to Jacque Vaughn of the San Antonio Spurs. Another Jayhawk gets a ring. I know Kansas has had Clyde Lovellette,Wilt Chamberlin, JoJo White, Darnell Valentine, Danny Manning, Paul Pierce, Kirk Hinrich and so many more. But Jacque Vaughn will always be my favorite point guard. A pure point guard and a perfect NBA backup. Plays 10-11 minutes a game without turnovers but with assists. What else could a coach ask for?



Newsflash. Slower sales mean higher commissions to your real estate agent. Why is this a surprise? When all you had to do to sell a home was put out a sign and wait 72 hours of course commission rates for real estate agents was going to drop. But now, when sales are slower and it takes a professional to get the word out about your home, of course commission rates are going to rise.

Why do people not think economic theory applies also to real estate? Same with the whole rising prices thing. Didn’t we see this story a few years ago with the stock market? Learn people. Learn.

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