Yahoo! Says Real Estate Sky Isn’t Falling

What? A rational article from the “media” about real estate values? Congratulations to Yahoo! for using their heads.

I read a funny article in the USA Today a few days ago, that I believe I referenced, and they just couldn’t say enough negative things about real estate. They were comparing real estate investing to investing in the stock market.

Never mind that they forgot to mention leverage. Or principal reduction. Or depreciation. But to each his own.

Kansas City isn’t going through a negative growth period. In fact, many areas of Kansas City still have very fair to reasonable growth. A couple areas are doing very nicely, thank you. The sky isn’t falling. Real estate was never as good or as easy as the media were making it out to be a couple of years ago.

And it’s not as bad as they are making it out today. Just my humble opinion…again.

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One response to “Yahoo! Says Real Estate Sky Isn’t Falling

  1. Jeff Brown

    Chris – Yahoo! isn’t being an unbiased journalist, simply reporting the facts as they see them.

    They’ve recently come over to our side – teaming up with Prudential in a huge way. They now have a dog in the real estate brokerage fight. 🙂 The article was totally self-serving, though for good reason, you and I agree with their conclusions.

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