New Real Estate Links

Today I’m adding two very worthy sites to my Real Estate Links section. You’ll want to add these to your reading.

RE Agent in Connecticut aka The Sock Puppet



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7 responses to “New Real Estate Links

  1. JayThompson

    Those are two of my favorites Chris!

  2. Chris Lengquist

    Jay –
    I’ve been following them for a while. They are awesome. Your blog is worthy, too! I’ve been reading it for a while. I would say it’s just about ready to be added to the list.

    If you haven’t visited Jay. Just click on the name!


    Two of my favorites. Realtor Genius is my absolute most favorite blog! 🙂 And Athol’s (REAgentinCT) wife is a Realtor Wives contributor.

    Great picks!!

  4. B.R.

    aww shucks! Man do you make me miss KC. I lived in Lawrence for about 1.5 years, great place! Thanks for the add.

    I was wondering, how many clients can you load into the mini at once? That would make for a great video! 😉

  5. Chris Lengquist

    ARW – you run a pretty good blog yourself.

    BR – Lawrence. I get there at least once a month. You a fan of the Jazzhaus? How about Louise’s?

    Anyway, the MINI is a lot of fun. Clients love to drive it! They usually just meet me at the property or follow me when scouting property. But I do get odd looks when 3 of my kids are with me and we all come crawling out.

  6. Athol Kay


    Thanks Chris. I appreciate it.


  7. B.R.

    I had completely forgotten about Jazzhaus… what a flashback- great place!

    I think you need a feature a fill the mini-cooper and feature the video on youtube!

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