Understanding the Size of the Kansas City Real Estate Market

Kansas City, geographically, is a huge area. Huge. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

Kansas City Metropolitan Area*

  • Population 1,967,405
  • 27th largest metro (by population)
  • Area covered 5,406 square miles

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area*

  • Population 12,943,547
  • 2nd largest metro (by population)
  • Area covered 4,850 square miles

Wow! What a difference. Los Angeles has 6.5 times the amount of people and less land to put them in!

So What Does All This Mean To You?

It means, quite simply, that you need an expert when you are buying or selling a home in the Kansas City area. I live in Olathe and I see signs from agents who live in the Northland (north of the Missouri River) listing homes here. Why? Are they experts in Olathe? I see Olathe agents listing homes in Blue Springs. That is 34 miles away! How much of an expert can you be?

I do drive around all day because I’m comparing investment numbers to investment numbers. So to me and my clients it really doesn’t matter where I find them good values. Investors are looking for return on their investments. Not convenience of shopping centers and etc. (Yes, I know that counts, but not as much as ROI.)

Occasionally, I will list regular single family homes. But it better be in an area that I am intimately familiar with. Otherwise, you should be looking for another agent that will be a good marketer for your situation.

I Can Refer You To Good LOCAL Agents

Because I get all around town working with income property I meet a lot of different real estate agents with a lot of different companies. If you are looking to buy or sell a home over in Lee’s Summit feel free to give me a call. I can refer you to a good house agent over there. Same is true for the Northland and Wyandotte County.

As the real estat market continues to shake out and the part time real estate agents fall away it will be more and more important for the consumer to choose their agent carefully.

*Statistical information found on Wikipedia

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