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Here are some blog posts worth reading:

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I ran into this guy the other day at the post office. If you like to Bar-b-q you are going to want to check out this site. And you know we Kansas Citians love to BBQ. American Barbecue Systems.

Isn’t it amazing how many different ways there are to say Bar-b-q. Let us list some:

  • BBQ
  • bar-b-q
  • barbecue

I guess it’s appropriate since there are so many ways to BBQ. Memphis thinks thinks they are the best. (And they are good.) Carolina thinks they are the best. (I don’t care for vinegar and cabbage on my sandwich, thank you.) Texas…well Texas has a Texas sized ego about everything. But here in Kansas City, we have a little of each of those. We’re the Constantinople of BBQ.

And remember, grilling isn’t BBQ. It’s grilling. BBQ is low and slow.


I’ve got a line on some pre-construction fourplexes out in Manhattan, KS if anyone wants any information.


I’m noticing the rental market get stronger and stronger. My prediction from about 18 months ago is coming to fruition as lending standards are tightening and foreclosed homeowners are moving back into the rental market. Add to that slowing building and we should be nearing the bottom of the real estate cycle, here in Kansas City at any rate, in the next 12-24 months. Then things should slowly start to edge back up.

But we’re not too bad now, relative to the rest of the country. At least our appreciation is 2%-3% instead of depreciation!


My son leaves for the South Pacific for 21 days on Tuesday. I’m so envious of his trip.

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