Big Bubba’s BBQ of Olathe, Kansas

Located on the east side of Olathe, Kansas is a BBQ that I really, really like called Big Bubba’s Bar-b-q. Now let me just say right off the bat that the BBQ is 1000% better than the website. The website looks bad. But the bar-b-q is oh so good.

My family and I ate there last night and over ordered so that we can eat more tonight! One of the things about Big B’s is that they don’t add sauce to their meat. It’s a big deal to them. So don’t ask them to unless you want a dirty look. But there is sauce on the table. They aren’t the best ribs in town but the brisket is to die for. Beans are very good. And the turkey is about as delicious as you’ll get anywhere in the world.

Give it a try. You’ll be glad you did.


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