Own Real Estate Within Your Self Directed IRA

Are you using a self directed IRA to purchase real estate investment property?

If not, you really need to hunker down and wade through this posting. It could be the difference between retirement and a retirement worth having.

Understanding Your Investment Dollar

Most people in America today have no real understanding of their financial situation. That’s not insulting you. It’s just the truth. And here is a perfect example.
Example: A fresh out of college graduate takes on his first job and immediately begins making more money than he has ever had before. He feels kinda guilty about spending all that money on just cars, music and entertainment so he pays heed to the guy sitting next to him in the office and sets up an IRA. Immediately he begins contributing to the IRA and maxes out his contributions each and every year. (Which for 2007 is $4,000.)
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3 responses to “Own Real Estate Within Your Self Directed IRA

  1. Anonymous


    Hello! you made a good job for what you’ve post on this topic..thank you for sharing this
    its very informative to everyone. Keep up the good work..

    Best Regards,
    Freddie Aguilar
    Real Estate Investments

  2. bns

    I read your article and I want to give you the following information.

    First here is my background. I am a financial author and columnist. I am also an arbitrator and mediator for the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) and a consumer advocate for investor education.

    Because of my background I have been contacted by many people who are 401k and 403b plan participants who are preparing for retirement. They have told me their companies only give them limited information and never explain their rights in case of a problem or dispute. Their company also never explains what they really need to do to prepare for retirement.

    I created ‘helpcenters’ websites to help investors educate themselves on the right questions to ask a financial professional.

    The main website: http://www.financialhelpcenters.com

    From this website you can link to the other investor educational websites:







    All these websites give basic investor educational material on each subject. They can also download the book for free.

    My book “What All Stock and Mutual Fund Investors Should Know!” is used by State Regulatory Agencies, Attorney Generals office, as investor educational material for employees and residents.

    My book has been endorsed or reviewed by NBC, CNBC, Money Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Consumer Digest, National Center for Women and Retirement Research, American Association of Individual Investors (AAII), American Library Association, and many others.

    My book is available for free to every person who visits the ‘helpcenters’ websites.

    Please let your readers know these investor educational websites.

    Thank you.

    Bruce Sankin

  3. Chris Lengquist

    Frank – Thank you.

    Bruce – I think you just did.

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