Reasonable Minds Can Disagree

Those of you that know me well know how much I am into college basketball. Long before the first tip-off of any given season I have worked myself into a frenzy preparing for and analyzing the upcoming season for not only my beloved Kansas Jayhawks but for the all the great teams of college basketball.

And concerning basketball, ESPN commentator/analyst Jay Bilas has a saying when he is discussing this great game and the athletes who play it with someone of a differing opinion.

“Reasonable minds can disagree.”

That’s a lot better than the “%*@# you!” that can get thrown around by less educated and far less diplomatic people.

Who To Listen To When Investing In Real Estate

I received a very complementary email from a gentleman in Los Angeles the other day. The long and the short of the email was giving me compliments on this blog and also to say that he was investing in a manner here in Kansas City that did not necessarily go along with everything I seem to espouse.

And isn’t that great?

When I counsel newer or would be investors one of the common discouragements that they have to fight through is the so many different philosophies and beliefs about real estate investing. This guy says this. That guy says that. And, Chris, you say something altogether different.

The thing every income property owner in America needs to understand is that there is no one way to invest in real estate. For almost every rule one investor has about what not to do, or what price range to be in, there is someone “breaking” that rule making money doing the exact thing this guy never would do!

So what is the point of this entire post?

I have a proven track record for helping people to build wealth through buying and holding income property for the medium to long term. I have also assisted, on a selected basis, with helping people to purchase rehab type properties, improve them and then sell them for a handsome profit.

Therein lies my area of expertise. But to sit here and demean other forms of real estate investing is not my goal or intent. I have very good friends here in Kansas City and in Washington, DC that make money doing things inside the real estate investment field that make me uncomfortable within my personal feelings. So I don’t do them. They aren’t wrong. It just doesn’t fit what I do.

If you are now asking yourself if I think everything within the field of real estate investing is okay…I do not. I still have strong feelings about taking counsel from gurus who don’t know your personal situation and won’t be around to help you when the stuff hits the fan. And I can name other pet peeves if you want me to respond to a specific email.

Just always know this. I am here to help you develop a retirement worth having. So always take my comments as constructive and mix them around in the bowl with your personal goals and convictions and see if my ideas blend. If they do…I’d love to work with you.

I hope, with all sincerity, that this helps.


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3 responses to “Reasonable Minds Can Disagree

  1. Jeff Brown

    There’s nothing I can possibly add to that. I just wanted to say it is a subject I should’ve been writing about long ago. Thanks for the push.

  2. Chris Lengquist

    Thanks! That’s a very nice thing to say.

  3. Derek Guyer

    Good stuff, Chris. It is amazing how many different ways there are to appraoch REI. I love your attitude towards it, as well as your confidence in what you have done and can do to help someone.

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