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Discrimination and Real Estate: What Do You Do? – Posted on my Active Rain blog.


Top 4 reasons to own income property:

  1. Cash flow before taxes
  2. Principal reduction
  3. Depreciation
  4. Appreciation

We’ve had so much rain in Kansas City that my basement flooded for the first time. That has been a real delight to deal with!


True story: I am helping some client buyers purchase a home. During escrow the home gets the air conditioner condenser coil stolen and the deal is falling apart because the seller says it’s my buyer’s responsibility! So I send over my AC guy and he finds out here are even more problems with the ac/heat than we were initially led to believe. And the seller wants us to pay for that, too! We’re done.


Next 4 reasons to own investment property:

  1. Tried and true wealth building
  2. Secure a retirement worth having
  3. Provide safe/affordable housing
  4. Create a hedge against losing main source of income


If we have the technology and, in fact, the technology is in use…why isn’t it more widespread? Natural gas powered cars are cleaner and cheaper to operate. Hmmm.

surprising kansas city

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