Do You Have Real Estate Questions?

Most of the time my blogs come from current events in my life and business. Sometimes, however, they come from emails you send or comments you leave. I would love to hear from you about a few topics you would like me to cover. Or cover in more detail. So I encourage you to leave me a comment or email me at
Anything is game from the seemingly easiest question concerning buying or selling your own home to something that deals with the very heart of real estate investing. I’d love to hear from you.
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A couple of items I have been reading:
thanks to LandChasers I found the article


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2 responses to “Do You Have Real Estate Questions?

  1. Daltons Briefs

    Are you doing any home builder investment deals?

    Sale-Leaseback on Model?
    Investor New Duplex Purchases?

    These are two that come to mind.

  2. Chris Lengquist

    Good questions and good topics to discuss. Yes to both. I will go into these further. Thanks.

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