Getting the Blues in Kansas City

Last night over at BB’s Lawnside BBQ some friends and I met to eat good bar-b-q and listen to John Paul’s Flying Circus sing the blues. I had heard from many different sources that John Paul’s Flying Circus was a fun band to listen to, and talented too.

I had a great time watching and listening to them. John Paul can really play the harmonica and the rest of the band is tight. But I was blown away when the band featured a young guitarist by the name of Katie Guillen. I found out later that she was 21 years old and going to school and that she had been playing for years and years. And boy did it show! She could play unbelievable guitar and sing with a bluesy inflection and timing that was fun to listen to. She also had “it”. Whatever that is. She enjoyed playing/singing and it showed.

Katie Guillen, you have a new fan. Can’t wait to see you around town again.

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