Unconnected Thoughts About the Kansas City Real Estate Market

It is not good to have a deceased person in your house when trying to sell. See here.

Still trying to figure out whether or not to use Negative Amortization loans for your real estate investing purposes? Here is one of the best explanations I’ve ever seen by Jeff Brown of Bawld Guy Talking.

Another golf day is being rained out here in “Sunny” Kansas City.

The Royals won last night! The Royals won last night!

Inventories are still up on homes for sale. But the nicest homes, priced right, are still moving quickly.

I’ve located new construction townhouses on the Missouri side. Price: $109,000. Rent: $925-$950. Any takers?

Knowing what to do and doing it are two different things.

I had lunch today with a young man just beginning his real estate career. He had expressed a little dismay that none of the “top producers” in his office would share their secrets with him. Kind of silly, really. Why not share? There are plenty of houses out there. What we need are agents that know which way is up. I was glad to give him a few basic tips. Hopefully he will take them to heart and kick some rear end here in Overland Park and Olathe.

If you are looking to test the market and see if your home will sell, don’t bother. Too much inventory. Stay off the market so that those who need to sell can.

I had another phone call from a gentleman who wants to sell a property in a questionable neighborhood. He was part of the whole buy low, fix it up, throw a Section 8 tenant in there and sell. Unfortunately, he is the one who bought. Guess who made the money?

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One response to “Unconnected Thoughts About the Kansas City Real Estate Market

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Chris,

    Would like to here more of your thoughts on buying low, rehabbing and renting to section 8 tenants. This is a strategy that I am applying.

    Mike Turin
    miketurin (at) gmail (dot) com

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