Life Worth Living, A Retirement Worth Having

Helping people to reach their economic goals is a very big part of what I do. As a residential real estate investment counselor I have had the chance to sit down with hundreds of individuals/couples and plan their financial future. The goal is almost uniformly a retirement worth having. What that means to different people can vary. And you will have your own take on what that means, as well.

But without trying to sound too “zen”, we cannot forget that before a retirement worth having we need a life worth living.

As you may well imagine, in my line of work I am approached constantly with get rich quick ideas and clients that want it all and want it now. Sometimes they come with excitement. All too often I see desperation in their eyes. And my heart goes out. I’ve stood in the shoes in which they are now standing.

Life worth having has to start today. It starts with the realization that investing in real estate is not the answer to your happiness. It IS a vehicle to your reward at the end of the road. But the journey with your family or friends (preferably, both) is where you begin the life worth living.

Our American culture likes to use money as a measuring stick for success. It’s easy to see (or make people think they see), but a very shallow measure of a man. For instance, if you have 4 duplexes with 8 tenants you have a lot of control of not only your life’s quality but theirs as well. Raising their rents while ignoring upkeep and repairs is no way to build your fortune. You may have more money at the end but to me you will not be the success you could have been.

Always know that when you read my columns about real estate investing that the whole shebang is centered around my moral code, my core beliefs and my spiritual life. I talk a lot about money on this blog. That is because we need it to live. And we need quite a bit of it. But on this blog, at least, always know that you are going to learn how to do it right. Or I’m not going to participate.

Because I’m doing my best to live a life worth living to be able to enjoy a retirement worth having.

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  1. Jeff Brown

    Amen brother.

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