Kansas City Wizards Soccer: Build A Stadium

Sorry. This isn’t going to be a real estate post. It could be an investing post. Since OnGoal LLC purchased the Wizards last fall there have been some player and coaching changes. OnGoal LLC is hoping to do what the previous ownership (Lamar Hunt) wasn’t able to do. Get a soccer specific stadium built in Kansas City to help the Wizards succeed here.

Last night the Wizards came into their home opener 1-1. They won the game 3-0 by waxing a pretty poor Toronto FC. Announced attendance: 7,438.

Even by MLS standards, this is pretty darn low. Now, if you live in Kansas City you know we had one monster rain storm last evening. Precisely why the attendance wasn’t at lest 7,441. No way I was taking my boys out to sit in that kind of rain. (For all you that think soccer is boring, at least they still play in the rain….I’m just not going to sit in it!)

Everywhere soccer specific stadia have been built in the USA attendance has jumped. KC can get 16,000-19,000 out at Arrowhead. Do you know what that looks like in Arrowhead? But build a soccer specific 22,000 seat stadium and you’ll create an atmosphere. A demand for tickets. A good time. Look at Columbus, LA, Dallas, etc. You might say that DC United thrives in RFK. And you would be right. I used to love going to games there. But DC has 3 times the population of KC, at least 2 times the money and 2 times the immigrants.

Congratulations on the win last night, Coach Onalfo. Let’s hope the city can get behind you and the boys and go to Arrowhead and build a new stadium. I fully understand that the funds should mostly be private as there is no way any jurisdiction is going to build a stadium for soccer when they would just barely approve improvements for the Chiefs and Royals.

Even though the Wizards are Kansas City’s last National Champions in 2000. Think about that.


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2 responses to “Kansas City Wizards Soccer: Build A Stadium

  1. Jeff Brown

    And here I thought you were a pretty cool guy – and you’re promoting soccer – indoor soccer no less.

    I’m crushed. 🙂

    Seriously, I think soccer will take the same road as Jay Leno’s career. He worked his butt off for well over 10 years, doing over 350 shows yearly, before becoming an ‘over night success’.

    We’re now on our third generation of kids who have played soccer. It’s my guess their kids will see soccer games in soccer arenas all over the country.

    But those kids are only seven years old now.

  2. Chris Lengquist


    Seriously, I love the game. And your point is exactly right. I’ve played the game since I was a little kid. But I was always coached by people who didn’t know or play. In fact it was college before I played for a coach that had any real knowledge of the game. (NO, I was not a scholarship athlete!)

    My son’s generation has a 60/40 chance of being coached by someone who knows the game. I think my son’s kids will be at a huge advantage.

    I don’t think soccer will replace any of the Big 3. But it can be #4.

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