The Value Of A Good Home Inspector

This is a special thank you to a home inspection service here in the Kansas City area that I use and recommend regularly. In fact, he sometimes contributes articles here on BBQ Capital.

I have a current client that has some 1031 exchange money that needs to be “identified” by no later than Friday. Because of this we are looking at which property is more profitable that the other, which is in better shape, which has fewer oncoming headaches, etc.

Anyway, while we were deciding on which houses to make final bids on he was kind enough to come out and just look at a few issues we had without yet doing the full inspection. Obviously, we paid him for his time and travel. But getting him to come out and look at a few concerns helped us to get a better idea as to which properties to pursue.


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2 responses to “The Value Of A Good Home Inspector

  1. Jeff Brown

    Chris – sounds like a good guy.

    Does he also reinspect for no additional cost after the work is supposedly completed?

    We’ve found that re-inspection has saved our clients more problems than the primary inspection.

    Isn’t it fun to white-knuckle your way to the 45th day? 🙂

  2. Chris Lengquist

    Yes, he does do the re-inspects. And the 45 days always works out but can cause a lot of stress to the buyers. Plan. Plan. Plan. Oh, and get as early a start as possible!

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