Working With A Coach While Investing In Real Estate – Just Run The Play

Coaching. You’ve heard the word. The first thing that comes to most people’s minds is a sports coach. Someone who leads, trains and calls the plays.

That’s what I do.

Yes, I’m a real estate agent. And yes, residential investment property is my specialty. Truth be told I look at myself as an investment counselor. You tell me what return goals you have in mind, how much credit and cash you have to bring to the table and I’ll be able to tell you what your expectations should be. Where in town you should invest. What property manager to hire. What type of tenant you will attract. And what your returns both in cash flow and appreciation will/should be.

Remember that when you are hiring me you are hiring a professional that knows his business. I can provide references to check out. Transaction history to review. But ultimately, you have to be recruited to my team. You have to trust what I teach you. You have to run the plays I call. How successful is the basketball player who constantly questions the coach he’s playing for?

When choosing your coach keep this in mind. It should be the goal of any coach to succeed. To win. To accomplish the goals that are set out. It should also be the coach’s job to train and motivate. To someday see his “players” do better than he did. To go on capable of doing so without him. That is true success for the coach. And everyboy wins.

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