Keeping An Eye Out For Great Investment Properties

Keeping an eye out for sharp investment properties takes discipline, experience and a keen knowledge of what today’s renters are looking for.

Make no mistake about it. When you own rental property and you have a vacancy you are competing against all of the other vacancies out there. Your prospective tenants know this and are looking for a lot of the same attributes for their home as a home buyer would be looking for theirs.

Today I had the chance to get out and see 11 properties. Obviously, I was most impressed with the properties my buyer was impressed with. We liked the same things. Clean, freshly painted walls, newer roofs, structural integrity, proximity to conveniences and work zones, free flowing floor plans and well maintained and groomed exteriors.

And you know what? The homes that fit the above criteria were priced remarkably similar to the houses that didn’t meet any or all of those standards.

Some home investors are in a position that they are looking for “distressed” properties that they can improve and have some built in equity. But many of my buyers are working professionals with busy lives. They are looking for turn key properties that are not going to have a lot of future maintenance issues.

After finding and identifying the proper home candidates the next thing to do is sit down and figure out going rent rates for each unit and their corresponding expenses. From that point, it is very easy for me to package a home up for the right buyer.

Not every buyer wants or needs the same thing. Not every house will fit every buyer. My job is knowing the differences and where to apply them.

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