Demystifying Real Estate Investing – Learn From The Right People and Keep It Simple

Tonight I had the pleasure to speak before 120+ people at the MAREI monthly meeting. I was received warmly and I had a great time. There were many different real estate investing philosophies in that room and I’m sure many differing opinions as to whether I knew what I was talking about…or not.

And isn’t that funny? I realize that my particular brand of investing for my future (and guiding you to do the same) isn’t for everybody. In that room there were people taking notes. And there were people nodding off. Here is my hope, however, for each and every person I have the honor to discuss real estate with: That you have a retirement goal that you are working towards and that you have the guts to step out and make it happen.

Knowledge is something that is ongoing. I never stop searching for those wiser than me in my particular discipline regarding investing in real estate. But in concert with knowledge is something called Action. One without the other is simply wasting your time…and probably your money.

Anyway, I need to move on. It just gets me all worked up. πŸ™‚

Here is a link to an interview by Liz Strauss of a gentleman that I speak of often here on BBQ Capital. If you want to get your thinking straight about long term real estate investing then I would hope you would take the time to read it.

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One response to “Demystifying Real Estate Investing – Learn From The Right People and Keep It Simple

  1. Jeff Brown

    I’m sending a link to this post to my mom. I get called a gentleman in public so rarely…… πŸ™‚

    Appreciate the nod.

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