Monday Morning in Kansas City

Just a few thoughts on this cold Monday morning;

  • It’s hard to take the scientific proof of global warming seriously when we here in Kansas City have suffered through the coldest winter I can ever remember here. It’s been below 33 degrees for each of the last 4 evenings. Out east they had a White Easter. What is going on? (Actually, I’ve read this is a result of GW.)
  • Staying with the global warming theme (and I’m not saying it’s fact…but very well could be) I believe there is no reason for us not to be doing more to conserve the earth’s resources. If we can do better we should. Take a look at this link. Apparently the technology is real and it is there to cut energy use drastically. Johnson County tax payers even benefit from it. Why are we not using it more? Smart growth is more than zoning. It’s also energy use, aesthetics, healthy.
  • Tomorrow I will be speaking at the MAREI monthly meeting. If you are wanting to find out more about Buy & Hold real estate investing then you will want to be in attendance. I’m going to break it own for you so that you will know what to buy.
  • Speaking of Kansas City real estate investing make sure you read Sunday’s Kansas City Star. Yet another article of crooked people doing crooked things. You may think you know what you are doing when it comes to real estate investing, but are you sure? These people lost tens of thousands of dollars and ruined their credit. But hey! They saved the REALTOR fees!
  • The Kansas City Royals are off to a 2-4 start. This has ruined my hopes for an undefeated season.
  • April’s issue of National Geographic has a great feature on the Flint Hills of Kansas. Beautiful photography (as always) and well done.

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One response to “Monday Morning in Kansas City

  1. Derek Guyer

    2-4 is not the start I’m sure you had imagined in your mind before the season started. 3-3 isn’t so hot either for the Red Sox, but I am glad to see them ahead of the Yankees. In fact, I can enjoy life any time the Yankees are losing, especially when they’ve got a losing record as well.

    Funny you’ve got an article about KC fraud, because we have an article about fraud in Indianapolis in the Indy Star today as well. I guess it’s not funny, it’s really alarming.

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