Homes for Sale in Olathe, Kansas: Homes That Are Really Moving

No. That headline is not hype or a sales gimmick. But it could read Overland Park, Kansas City, Leawood, or Rockville, Maryland. The facts are the facts. If you price your home correctly, it will sell.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the current real estate market in and around Olathe, Kansas. It’s true that we are not experiencing 8%-10% growth right now. It is true that we have more sellers than buyers right now. And it is true that the mortgage money has gotten a little more difficult to get right now. But, hey, do you remember the late ’70’s and mid ’80’s? That, my friends was a tough, tough real estate market.

The Truth About Selling A Home In Olathe Right Now

  • Pricing…and condition are king (they MUST be in relation to one another)
  • Inventory is up…so your neighbor selling his house is now your competitor
  • Just because you refinanced to take a trip to the Bahamas doesn’t mean your buyer wants to pay for it
  • If you owned your house for 3 years or longer you made money on it 99.9% of the time
  • Forget about 2 years ago…concentrate on here and now
  • Work with a professional agent and they will help you get your home sold

The Truth About Buying A Home In Olathe Right Now

  • Inventory is up so you have a wider choice, and a little more time to make your decisions
  • Sellers are not giving homes away – the market is slower, people haven’t lost their minds
  • You are likely to do very well negotiating extra issues like warranties, repairs, condition, timeliness of closing, closing costs and treats like appliances, gift cards, etc.
  • Experienced or “wired” agents will know through networking which houses might be a little more of a good “deal” than others
  • While most sellers are not desperate, there may be some good foreclosures out there and if you have a little extra capital for repairs you can build some great sweat-equity

Folks, many people think and say we are in a bad or down market. The truth is, historically, when there is a 6 month supply of houses on the market for sale we call that “in balance”.
It’s just that so many people

  • Got used to hearing stories about what was happening on the west and east coasts
  • Came into the market in the last 5 years and thought that was the norm because they had little experience in any other kind of real estate market

Interest rates are still great! Ask anyone 44 or over about 17%, 19% or even 20% home mortgages. And yet, people still moved and still bought homes and still sold homes.

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