Olathe, Kansas – Poised for Housing Growth

There are many reasons to consider Olathe, Kansas as a place to live or invest. Quality housing. A school district that is second to none. Ample dining opportunities as well as shopping. Good road network. Safe communities.

If you are looking at Olathe as an investor an article in yesterday’s Kansas City Star had this to say;

The growth boom in Olathe is not expected to slow anytime soon, city planners have predicted. So much so, that according to their estimates, they expected Olathe’s current population of roughly 120,000 to grow to 325,000 by the year 2050.

Wishful thinking? Not by City Planner Bryan Dyer’s numbers.

“We might be off by a person or two,” he joked when discussing the numbers with members of the Olathe Planning Commission recently. “We know there is a strong interest out here, and as long as we keep roads and city services growing the population will continue to follow that trend.”

Dyer, who leads the city’s Long Range Planning Division, said he also expects the city to grow from its current 60 square miles to more than 90 square miles in the next 50 years.

Seems to me that is very good news for the rental property owner as well as the “regular” home owner.

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