Investment Real Estate Profitability

You MUST know your numbers when you are going to purchase investment real estate here in Kansas City. Or anywhere, for that matter. Here in Kansas City, I feel like I’m alone in this proclamation. And as I look around the country, I find very few professional real estate agents who truly work with and understand the purchase and management of rental property.

If you have some time, I would urge you to bounce around to a few of the real estate links you will find on the right hand column of this blog. One is Bawld Guy Talking. He is an investment real estate agent out in the San Diego area. His blogs are always worth reading.

Last week I added Indiana’s own Land Chasers. He has some good posts over there.

Yesterday, I added Equity Scout. It is another blog certainly worth your time if you are involved with, or thinking about investment real estate. I believe it is authored by Christopher Smith and he has another blog. And here is a link to that blog and an extremely relevant article.

Kansas City is a great real estate market for the investor. And it never hurts to get opinions from other professionals, especially if it takes you just a moment of your time.

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