Real Estate and Life in Kansas City

Just some meandering links to help you see what I’m reading…

This article is found in today’s Kansas City Star. From my own personal view let me say that what the United States is allowing to go on in the Sudan is absolutely terrible. Genocide is unacceptable. This article that you can read is great news for this individual, however. A true success story.

The housing/foreclosure crisis that is quickly setting in will have impact on you. No question about it. Even if you have great credit just one or two foreclosures in your neighborhood will help to further bring down property values. Columnist Steven Pearlstein of the Washington Post has written a column that I really can’t argue to much about. Worth your time.

Conversely, if you have cash right now you are KING! The market is opening up to you in big ways. Loans favor the 80% LTV buyer. Sellers favor the buyer with cash to invest.

The Olathe Serve Day put on by volunteers from Olathe Bible Church (my home church), Indian Creek Community Church, Life Church and College Church of the Nazarene went splendidly. This article in the Olathe Daily News spells out the home building that went on. In addition, a team of volunteers changed oil and did car inspections for single mothers and widows and another group cleaned up and landscaped at least 10 of the local schools that I know of. Congratulations and thank you to all.

Kansas gears up tonight for their first round game against Niagra. Go Jayhawks!

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