Mortgage Lenders: "Easy Money Is Drying Up"

For those of you paying attention to this blog and several like it, money is getting a little tighter out there for those looking to purchase a home. And the forecast for home sales is dipping a bit. And current mortgage delinquencies are creeping ever upward.

This is great news for the qualified buyer! Especially the real estate investor.

Listen, I work hard. Utilize effective marketing techniques including all aspects of the internet. I am up front with my clients. Things work out for me. I do well in all markets.
For sellers, however , life is a little more difficult. On the other hand, if you have good credit, some ready cash and you are looking to make a move to begin or increase your real estate portfolio you may want to take a very serious look at the Kansas City housing market right now!
To discuss what this market means to you just drop me an email.

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