Another Freaky Friday

The Kansas City Star has a list of the wealthiest people in Kansas and Missouri in today’s edition.

Ambucs is a charity based on providing people with mobility and independence by providing AmTrykes, providing services for people with disabilities and providing scholarships for physical therapists. They made a big difference in my daughter’s life. I urge you to check them out and, if so led, to give of your time or money.

My Kansas Jayhawks are set to storm through the Big XII starting today. Best of luck to Bill Self and the boys. I’ll be pulling for you!

ShakeGently, a technologist’s view of the world of advertising, is a blog from a local guy here in Kansas City that is a good relaxing read. Give it a try.

If you have 22 minutes to kill and you are wondering just how lacking the American Education System has become, click here.

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