The Penguins are coming…The Penguins are coming…or are they?

The sports web sites are alive with all of the passion you would expect on the topic of the Pittsburgh Penguins moving to Kansas City. Kansas City has offered a sweet deal and apparently the ownership of the Pens is growing tired of the lack of urgency on the part of the City of Pittsburgh and the State of Pennsylvania.

I don’t know whether they will come or not. I hope they do. But I would much rather Kansas City get an expansion team than have to take over another franchise. Pittsburgh has proven to be a great hockey city. They deserve a team. But if they have to leave, I hope they come here.
When I lived in Washington, DC I loved to go the Washington Capitals’ games. Most of you know I am a college basketball nut. But you have to experience a Stanley Cup playoff game to really know how exciting professional sports can be. I still follow the Caps to this day.
Last note: If the Penguins do move to Kansas City they should be required to leave their name, tradition and records in Pittsburgh. Their fans deserve that.


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4 responses to “The Penguins are coming…The Penguins are coming…or are they?

  1. Don from McDonalds

    I heard that KC will be in tough against Brooks, Alberta.

    With the construction of a 2000 seat arena being just around the corner, Brooks looks like a lock for the Penguins.

    Stanley Cup in Brooks- 2008

  2. Todd Tarson

    The NHL doesn’t need any more expansion teams as the league is on the ropes as it is. If you do get the Pens, you will be getting an exciting young team with a couple of really good young players, and perhaps the best young player in the game (although I’d still take Ovechkin from the Caps before Crosby).

    For the record, I’m originally from Philly and have no love for the Pens. Although I wish they were not in this position to have to move, I could care less what happens in yinzertown.

    If they do move there the good news for the real estate biz is that some highly paid athletes will be looking for some high end homes.

  3. Chris Lengquist

    Thank you both for the comments. Like I said, I’m hopeful but still leary. The Pens were in Vegas yesterday. No doubt in my mind they would rather stay in Pittsburgh. They are just squeezing the city, IMO.

  4. Dustin

    too bad we couldn’t make a deal. I was looking forward to catching a game here in KC.

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