Investment Clubs in Kansas City

Last night when I picked up my mail I had a flyer from MAREI (one of the two investment real estate clubs here in Kansas City, KCIG being the other) announcing a Conference that they were conducting and selling tickets for. It looks to me like most of the topics are covering issues surrounding Buy & Sell (flipping) real estate transactions and Subject To financing, foreclosures and the like.

I am not endorsing this conference but I am telling you about it because I know I have quite a few readers that Buy & Sell or would like to. I think I’ve made my feelings be known about Buy & Sell (I’m not against it…just be wary) and if you would like to go it looks like they have some speakers worth hearing from. And there is probably worth to the Buy & Hold real estate investor, as well.

Not everybody I recognize, but certainly Jerry Clevenger and Jeffrey Taylor are two that jump to the forefront. In fact, Jerry Clevenger is interviewed by Dave Jenks/Gary Keller in the Millionaire Real Estate Investor book I often speak about.

If you go, get back to me and let me know how it flies!

MAREI = Mid America Association of Real Estate Investors
KCIG = Kansas City Investment Group


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4 responses to “Investment Clubs in Kansas City

  1. Anonymous

    Kim from MAREI here – and yes – buy and hold is the way to go here in KC right now.

    Jerry will be discussing the use of your self directed IRA or someone elses as a private bank.

    Graham Treakle will be discussing short sales – and in todays market with all the foreclsoures, knowing how to negotiate a short sale will come in handy. Then you have great equity to buy and hold the proeprty.

    William Tingle discusses buying properties subject to the existing finanding and also works with lease options. This is a way to get into the more expensive homes with out a lot of up front financing.

    Jeffrey Taylor will be the buy and hold investors best speaker of the day as he talks about landlording.

    And Sunday is Robyn Thompson and while she primarily buys fixer uppers, rehabs them and then sells them to FHA buyers, the buy and hold investor will get a lot of insight on the buy and fix up – she primarily buys Bank Owned Properties listed by Realtors & strongly recommends getting your RE license – and even buy and hold investors need to seel every once in a while.

    Please take a minute to visit the web site at and because our seats are filling up fast if you want to attend, get your registration in quickly as Sunday is almost sold out if we can’t get more seats!!

  2. Chris Lengquist

    Thanks for visiting Kim. I know you have a loyal following and I’m sure the conference with be first class. If I wasn’t traveling that weekend I might join you.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Chris- Just stopping by to check out the blog. Looking good.

    Also, if I was in KC, I’d be there. This sounds like an excellent educational opportunity.

    Keep up the excellent work.

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