Kansas City Real Estate Market Condition Forecast

Yesterday I was out driving in my MINI and noticed a behemoth cloud mass growing to the south. So I pulled over and grabbed my trusty little Canon Powershot A530. Not my good camera but one I throw in the bag for moments like these.

Anyway, this huge mass had with it lightning, thunder and later came massive amounts of rain and first pea sized hail, followed by dime sized hail followed by quarter sized hail right around midnight. (Can’t wait to look at my roof carefully.) The streets literally filled with hail.

But I think this photo represents the Kansas City real estate market right now. As a photo, the image is static. Oh sure, it’s easy to see what happened in retrospect. But for those of you not familiar with the weather from Kansas City to Tulsa you know that the clouds could have just built, rumbled and produced nothing. On the left side of the photo it’s blue skies and clear sailing. The right side brings an ominous forecast.

Which side of the photo do you see the real estate market from? My own feeling is we will have a 2007 that closely resembles our 2006. Nothing great. Nothing bad. Just waddling along.

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