March Madness is Coming!

Oh, baby! I can feel it. March Madness is just around the corner. With 3 games left the Kansas Jayhawks are tied for first in the league and have a chance at their 50th conference championship. Folks, Blair Kerkoff of the Kansas City Star did a great job talking about what an accomplishment that is.

Anyway, for those that know me well you know I’m nuts about Jayhawk basketball. Here are just a few of their successes;
  • 2 Helms National Championships
  • 2 NCAA National Championships
  • 12 Final Fours
  • 49 Conference Championships
  • 14 Members of Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame
  • 54 All American selections
  • Third all time in wins

Oh, and by the way…they are the only school to have 4 basketball arenas around the country to be named after their alumni.

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