Is A REALTOR Worth The Money?

I’m a real estate agent, so you know how this is going to go. But let me see if I can make a compelling case as to why you need professional representation.

People think they are paying their real estate agent to get their house sold. And to a degree they are right. But what is “sold”? When I sit down in my listing appointments and talk with a Seller one of the things that I think is important for them to understand is my general philosophy. I don’t believe I can sell anyone a home. Whether it’s for personal use or to be used as an income property. It’s too big an asset to get sold. People pick and choose their houses carefully based on a very wide variety of criteria. In short, if a Buyer doesn’t like it they can and will move on to the next possibility.

And usually, a home will sell through a co-op agent. Someone else will bring and represent the Buyer. I’m there to market the home in a variety of ways including electronic media, print, word of mouth, signs, mailings, etc. My job is to drive enough people through the house that are ready and able to buy a house to secure a qualified Buyer. And then my work begins.

I tell anyone who will listen a brand new agent can market your home. They can read enough books on how to advertise, hold an open house, etc. But a brand new agent usually will lack the experience necessary to negotiate inspections, hurdle title difficulties, answer an appraiser’s questions, work with mortgage officers and underwriters and their frequent and sometimes unusual demands. Then there are the last minute snafus with the furnace…

In the last month I’ve had several inspections from down under. Massive things wrong and big dollars attached. And not clearly visible without detailed inspections. Keeping the deal together can be daunting and sometimes impossible. But if there is a way, an experienced agent can work it out, get creative, think outside the box. (Are there any other cliches I can throw your way?)

I know many a person who have successfully bought or sold their houses as unrepresented Buyers or Sellers. However, I know many more people who had a contract and the deal fell through. Possibly these two reasons had something to do with it; 1. Lack of experience to know to prepare and/or how to solve the issue. 2. Direct communication between the Buyer & Seller (with their egos involved) may not always be the best path to take. Sometimes, it’s good to have an intermediary.

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