Blues. Beer. BBQ.

If that saying sounds familiar you must be a fan of B.B.’s Lawnside Bar-b-q. Located off 85th Street in Kansas City, Missouri this long time eating establishment is one of my favorites for a night out with my girl. The smoked meats are magnificent with a BBQ sauce to compliment them. (My favorite is the beef brisket…but that’s true of any good BBQ.) Good beans and fries. Great atmosphere. Heaping portions. Cold Boulevard beer. Do I need to go on? They even have a good cajun selection for those of you so inclined.

Run by Lindsay Shannon (you may have heard him on 101 the Fox where he does a blues show) and his wife Jo this place is pure BBQ fun. National and local blues acts play there just about every night of the week that they are open. Two of my favorites, D.C. Bellamy and Four Fried Chickens and a Coke are coming in the next few weeks and I’ll be there for at least one of the shows, if not both.

Make sure you visit their website and book a night that you and your special ones can go out for a good time. They even have a deck you can dine on. (When the weather is right and that seems so long ago!) There are many BBQs I like to frequent. This is the most fun.

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