BBQ Capital…a shorter URL

Earlier this morning I registered the domain name It just seemed that circulating the name was entirely too long and was being mistyped by folks…including myself. So now you can find us either way. If you have already linked to this blog, thank you. The link should still be in operation as I have simply forwarded the new domain to this site. RSS should work, as well. Let me know, however, if you discover a problem. Thanks!

Now for those of you uninitiated to Kansas City the reason for the name is quite simple. Kansas City has the best bar-b-q in the world! Oh, I can hear it now. The Memphis, Carolina and Texas contingents screaming at the top of their lungs “foul!”. But truth is truth.

It was once said that Memphis has it’s style of BBQ. As does Carolina and yet Texas another. But Kansas City is the Constantinople of BBQ. All the styles, including Kansas City’s own, are here. You should plan a vacation to dine at them all. You’ll need a few months to accomplish that. Followed by about 6 months of recuperative exercise training! Occasionally I’ll feature the different BBQs of Kansas City. So look forward to that!

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