Random Thoughts While Pondering…

…that Yahoo! Maps says it’s only 2,094 from Olathe, Kansas to Vancouver, British Columbia. Do I feel a family road trip coming on?

Boulevard’s Pale Ale, brewed right here in Kansas City, has to be one of the best beers I have ever tried from anywhere.

I know where there are 4 duplexes in pretty good shape in a pretty good blue-collar type neighborhood in Wyandotte County, Kansas. (Kansas City) Asking price is in the $90’s for each and rents are $550 per side. They are not my listings. So email if you want more info.

Do you watch Boston Legal? It has to be the most clever show on television. I have to admit I don’t watch much tv (unless Jayhawks are playing) but I have a standing appointment on Tuesday evenings for this show. Denny Crane!

Why do so many photos of women in real estate look nothing like the women themselves? I swear, in some cases, there is absolutely no resemblance.

It would be bad if he Chiefs actually rename Arrowhead Stadium for some corporate sponsor. It would be tragic if the Royals renamed The “K”. The great Ewing Kauffman epitomized everything right with Kansas City. Keep his memory alive.

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