Freaky Fridays

On a whim I have decided to devote Fridays on my blog to miscellaneous ramblings and venting in general on all things that come across my path including but not necessarily related to real estate. And since it’s my blog…I can do this.

Reason #458 to purchase a Mini Cooper from Baron Mini in Shawnee Mission, Kansas: Yesterday it was 17 degrees, I started my car and let it warm up. I then went outside (where it had been parked at my office) threw on the heater and WHAM a 10″ crack appeared on my windshield. I got out and looked at it but couldn’t see a rock chip so this morning I drove up to Baron. They looked at it for 20 seconds and then booked me a car and a repair for tomorrow. The service there is always fabulous!

How about them Kansas Jayhawks? Big game this Saturday against Texas A&M and ESPN College GameDay is going to be there!

Real estate agents that cannot return the key to the keybox or leave a front door unlocked drive me crazy. It’s really simple. Treat the home being shown like it is your own. End of discussion.

I am assuming that since they are fast food that Chick-fil-A sandwiches are not good for you. But do I love that #1!

When will the snow melt here in Olathe? I’m sick of it. If I wanted to live in Minneapolis I would move there!

And yes, I’m aware it’s not Friday…I just may not have time to post tomorrow!!! And I’m a rebel who makes his own rules…

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