Kansas City Lofts

I’m spending the night down here at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City because my daughter has had major surgery. (She is okay and it will really improve her quality of life.) And as I drive around the Crossroads area I see building after building converting to Loft Condominiums. Let me just say that I am a huge fan of lofts and if I wasn’t raising four children and in need of first class schools I would love to be in the urban environment that Lofts are located in. There is just nothing like it.

My wife and I lived in a high rise in Bethesda, Maryland for a while back outside of DC and we loved it. Of course, it was before kids. We would both come home from work, change clothes and go eat at any one of the dozens and dozens of restaurants within walking distance in an area known as the “Triangle”. Boy! do I miss that. But time moves on and responsibilities change. Maybe when we are older and our children have kids of their own we’ll be able to return to that environment.

Having said all of that I’m a little worried that there might be too much converting to lofts downtown. I would be a little leary investing in these particular condos for fear of an overbuild. If you are planning to hold eight or more years I’m sure you would do well. Anything less than that and I’ld be a bit worried. At least until more jobs start moving in downtown.

I hope the building proceeds at a measured pace. The renaissance downtown is good for all the Kansas City area. Olathe, Grain Valley, St. Joseph. It helps all of us to have a place to go, a place to brag about and a place to show our relatives and friends when they come for a visit.

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